Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Steps To Fix The Webroot Installation 103 Error

The “Installation 103” error normally happens when the missing Windows component “expand.exe” prevents the Windows installation from installing properly. This can also happen when the “expand.exe” file gets deleted or corrupted. Fixing this is quite easy and the steps briefed below will help you fix these errors.

Instructions to fix Google Chrome error

Launch the Start menu. To launch the Start menu, click on the Windows orb icon placed on the bottom left corner of the desktop screen. Alternatively, you may launch the Start menu by clicking the Windows keyboard shortcut key.
Click on the search space, enter the keyword expand.exe without quotes and space, and initiate the search. This will launch the search window. Right click the file in the search results. From the dropdown, select the label that reads Copy.
Go to the file location C:\Windows\system32. Right click an empty space in the window and click on the label that reads Paste. This will move the copied file contents to the system32 folder.
Launch the existing browser and navigate to Google chrome website. Click on the download link and wait for the application to finish downloading. This may take some time and is dependent on the internet connectivity speed. Run the installation file. If you are still experiencing issues, go to the next step.
Click on the Windows Start orb placed on the bottom left corner of the home screen. Click on the label that Run… If you are using Windows 7, launch the search bar and enter the keyword Run into the search bar.
Click on the Run search space and enter C:\ as the search word. Hit the Enter key to initiate the search.
Click the label that reads File, and from the dropdown select the label that reads New and select the folder. Rename the folder.
Re-launch the Run... tool window.
Enter cmd.exe without quotes or space in to the search space and then press the Enter key. This will launch the command prompt window.
Type set TMP=C:\test without quotes or space in to the search space and then press the Enter key.
Enter start ChromeSetup.exe without quotes or space in to the search space and then press the Enter key to install Google Chrome.
The steps briefed above will help you fix the Google Chrome error “Installation 103”. For more assistance and support on the same, feel free to reach us online or on our toll free 24/7 helpline number.

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